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e-Welcome every guest

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Integrated technologies

Our digital receptionist uses encrypted technology to welcome, sign in and allow your guests onto the premises. Our Visitor Log solution works with your access control and CCTV solution to keep your building secure.

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Digital Receptionists to manage your visitors

“Lares.Digital technology integrates a visitor management system with remote receptionists, providing you with a safe, secure and friendly solution to managing visitor flow in your building.

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Stunning technology

Compatible with most leading CCTV and Access control vendors, our cutting-edge interactive displays can be wall mounted or stand-alone. Customised for your reception, to deliver the Wow! factor your building deserves, they deliver high quality picture and sound, making the digital experience a close match to the real thing. Retrofit is simple, cost effective and will make your premises stand daringly apart.

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Integrates with your building security solutions

“Lares.Digital can provide a remote monitoring service during working hours, as well as 24/7 out-of-hours, using your own compatible digital CCVT product. A fully smart building integrating facial recognition CCTV and advance Access and Lift Control will enable full, real-time management of building access for contractors.

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