Are you ready to switch?

If you are looking to transition away from a full or part time in-person receptionist to a digital replacement, use the 10 questions below to help you to decide if you are ready:

Is your building working at maximum efficiency? If not, have you explored any alternatives?
Are you missing out on important data gathering and analysing opportunities? Data can inform you of how to be more efficient and help you to understand where costs can be reduced.
Do you want to maintain a high standard of reception service? This will help reduce operational issues being passed on to you.
Do you want to remove the challenges of a 24/7 human presence at reception?
Do you want to achieve a greater level of integration between front of house and the rest of your building’s systems? This integrated platform will bring peace of mind to your operations.
Do you want to benefit from the considerable cost savings delivered by a Digital Receptionist? A human receptionist will man your reception from a remote central location.
Would you like a cost structure created specifically for your needs? Explore different scenarios so you can compare the benefits vs the cost.
Is a strong first impression important for your building? Your lobby or reception area is a showcase for the perceived value of your property.
Would you like to create more space in the reception area of your building? There is an opportunity to re-create your lobby adding value to your building.
Is cutting edge technology combined with human interaction important to you?

If you have answered “YES” to the majority of these questions, you are ready to switch. Speak to our team today or request a demo. We can simulate different scenarios so you can make an informed decision before you transition.

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Digital receptionists – real people, real time


Digital receptionists – real people, real time