Integrated Technologies

Our digital receptionists use encrypted technology to meet, greet and guide the people who use your properties. Our Visitor Flow Solution works with your Access Control and CCTV to keep your building secure.

Our cutting-edge interactive displays can be wall mounted or stand-alone. They are customised to your reception area to deliver the wow-factor every building deserves. The displays deliver high quality picture and sound, making the digital experience a close match to the real thing.

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Real people, real time

Our smart algorithms allow us to rotate incoming calls to the first available receptionist at our remote video call-centre. Our trained, professional staff ensure both consistent quality and continuity of service.

Our remote solution also allows us to actively seek to be equal opportunity employers, particularly with regards to people with reduced mobility.

We welcome your world

We welcome your world

Visitor Journey

The interface is located at the logical entry point for visitors to intuitively interact with the digital screen. For hygiene reasons, we have a sensor system which initiates without touching the display. If the visitor’s credentials satisfy the building’s operations protocols, they will be admitted and their host will be notified that they have arrived.

Lares digital access control

Access Control

We remotely operate secure doors through established Access Control product suppliers such as Paxton, CDVI or Gallagher, integrated with Lares Digital by API and SDK kits. This enables a plug-and-play retrofit of our solution to your existing commercial premises.

Community Engagement

Implementing our solution gives you the opportunity to redesign your lobby into a more collegial space and incite community engagement for your tenants.


Cost effective

Our solution enables commercial buildings to lower their operating costs. Using Lares Digital to rise above the competition in the search for tenants.


We work with facilities managers to support you through our installation process. We welcome feedback and will act quickly on any suggestions for improvement.


Facilities management can receive a monthly dashboard showing visitor flow peaks and volumes of deliveries managed.

Digital receptionists – real people, real time


Digital receptionists – real people, real time