Reception Cover

The Lares Digital receptionist creates a unique visitor experience. They offer personal and immediate greetings to any visitors, followed by a credentials check. They then provide access – or not! – to the site following the tailored instructions pre-arranged with the property manager.

Thanks to our staff working remotely they can better focus on providing a high-quality reception service, without the distractions which come from being onsite. They are connected to your Visitor Log, Access Controls and security functions to maintain communication lines between all the property’s stakeholders.

The Lares Digital reception service can be used as a primary reception service or to complement an existing onsite reception service by sharing functions or operating at different times. See Projects for an example of how this works in practice.

Lares Digital provides and manages a team of professional and highly trained receptionists. They receive training on your building layout, tenant locations and security systems.

We are fully responsible for management of this team and continuity of service. This removes you from the day to day management of staff including their annual leave, sick leave or any other HR related issues. You will no longer have the costs of staff overheads.

Lares Digital ensures that all packages and food deliveries reach their destination according to the building protocols. This will be done by either granting the delivery service access to the corresponding apartment or office, after verification, or by directing the delivery service to the designated drop off point.

Our standard operating hours are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. However, our solutions can be tailormade to extended hours, evening and weekend cover.

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We are not your competition.

Delivering reliable cover service is almost unheard of. Staffing challenges, logistics challenges, transport costs, rotering difficulties all contribute to create large hidden cost which make the provision of cover service expensive to the client, but remain a low profit-centre to the operator.

It is also the primary point of contention with the clients and an endless source of frustration for both parties.

Innovative and forward-looking FoH operators work with Lares Digital to help them deliver better service, at better cost, and focus instead on their own areas of expertise.

Contact us to find out how.

  • Contactless delivery prevents the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases
  • Fast and efficient
  • Always available – no waiting time
  • Attractive and innovative reception areas create a “sense of arrival”
  • A building management solution with centralised reporting and trouble shooting
  • Running costs are significantly lower than onsite staff without compromising on service.

Digital receptionists – real people, real time


Digital receptionists – real people, real time