Digital Receptionists

Our digital receptionists use intelligent video switchboard software to meet, greet and guide your guests around your apartment building. Our Visitor Flow Solution can work with the Access Control and CCTV on your premises to keep your building secure.


Real people, real time

Our smart switchboard allows us to rotate incoming calls to the first available digital receptionist at our remote video call-centre. We ensure a warm and friendly welcome from our professional staff.

We welcome your world

We welcome your world

Visitor Journey

The interface is located at the logical entry point for visitors to intuitively interact with the digital screen. For hygiene reasons, we have a sensor system which initiates without touching the display. If the visitor’s credentials satisfy the building’s operations protocols, they will be admitted and their host will be notified that they have arrived.



Cost effective

Our solution enables large residential buildings to lower their operating costs and smaller properties to upscale at low cost, using Lares Digital to rise above the competition in the search for occupants.


We work with both landlords and residents to support you through our installation process. We welcome feedback and will act quickly on any suggestions for improvement.


Landlords can receive a monthly data review showing visitor flow peaks and volumes of deliveries managed.

Digital receptionists – real people, real time


Digital receptionists – real people, real time