Smart Technology

Our state-of-the-art displays combine a variety of appealing designs, so there is a solution available for every environment, with the best in sensor and A/V technology. Together they help create a touch-free, immersive visitor experience.


Product Overview

Our user interface, a large screen display mounted on an interactive kiosk, allows on-site staff to be replaced by a live remote receptionist via two-way video conferencing. The visitor’s personalised experience is retained, whilst removing in-person interaction.

Our smart algorithms allow us to rotate incoming calls to the first available receptionist at our remote video call-centre. We ensure both quality of service and full utilisation of our staff, who are able to answer calls from multiple buildings, contrary to a traditional on-site receptionist.

Modular Pricing

Our product, and its pricing, are built to be modular, in order to be the best functional and financial solution for you. Our price is based on need only basis which means you only pay for what you require at that point in time. As each building has different requirements, we will scope each project individually.

Switchboard Software

Lares Digital has its own proprietary software developed internally in the UK and under contract. The technology we have developed is at the core of what we do.

Our software is overlaid on established products, maximising stability, combined with a proprietary video-switchboard technology and a work assignment algorithm. Our sophisticated algorithms rely on a multitude of data-points and telemetry in the service delivery workflow. These built-in monitors will enable us to constantly adjust and refine our own processes and workflows and, therefore, the effectiveness of our service.


Project installation in a multi-storey building

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Meet Rodolphe Mortreuil, Founder & CEO

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Big Data and PropTech

Businesses are looking at how to better tap the potential of big data in PropTech with data fast becoming an indispensable aspect of decision making in commercial real estate.

With outdated systems and limited data skills, many companies need a better understanding of data to create their competitive edge and to revamp existing buildings to meet future demands.
Lares Digital is ready to upscale your building and give you a strong competitive advantage.


Digital receptionists – real people, real time


Digital receptionists – real people, real time