5 Tips For Finding The Right Digital Receptionist For Your Business

With digital receptionists continuing to be a popular choice for busy office and residential settings, it can be hard to choose the solution that will work for you. Despite being more cost-effective than a traditional reception area, it’s still vital to select the right supplier and product that will solve your requirements. But with a wealth of options and information in the market, how do you go about choosing one? In this blog, we’ll run through our 5 tips to help you make an informed decision.

Identify your needs

Start with the basics – what are you looking to achieve using a digital receptionist? Do need to free up existing staff for other duties or do you need the occasional cover for early, late or even lunchtime hours? Or are you looking to revive your old reception area but is cost the ultimate factor?

Working out your requirements is always the first step to narrowing down suppliers who have the best solution for you.

Consider the user

A good supplier should be able to help you with this, but it’s always useful upfront to have the users in mind. So think about who is likely to interact with the digital receptionist – visitors? Delivery drivers? And don’t forget about your tenants! Each group will have their own distinct needs.

Again, a good supplier will be able to help you with this but it’s important to pass on any feedback you may have received from each user group so that it can be taken into consideration when developing a solution.

Keep it simple

There is nothing worse than entering an unfamiliar building and having to decipher how to use a digital kiosk with no in-person support. The likelihood is that the majority of people who visit your building will be doing so for the first time, so you need a solution that is simple to use.

It also needs to be quick and efficient, leading us nicely to our next point.

What about security?

Your building might not be Fort Knox, but it will no doubt house CCTV and have an access control system to limit where visitors can go. A solution that can easily integrate with your existing systems is always going to be a plus as it will allow for quick and easy installation, as well as long-term ease of use not only for the supplier, but for you and your visitors.

Always check the reviews

Don’t just take a supplier’s word that their product is the best! Instead, rely on real-world experiences and testimonials. Seek out case studies that address the same issues you’re looking to solve and ask the supplier if they don’t actively publish these on their website.

How can Lares Digital help?

We’ve provided a digital reception solution to a whole variety of buildings and setups. From covering lunch breaks and short-term absences to long-term solutions that support existing staff or replace them entirely, we’ve got a wealth of experience in assisting our clients and their tenants and visitors via our service.

Our offering is straightforward to use – visitors and delivery drivers simply tap the screen and are immediately connected with one of our remote receptionists who will check them into the building and guide them to where they need to be. To assist with this interaction, we can integrate with popular access control suppliers such as Paxton, CDVI and Gallagher. This means that in the majority of cases, our product is a straightforward plug-and-play retrofit.

But like we said above, don’t just take our word for it! You can check our case studies here where we demonstrate just how we take the unique requirements of each client and develop a solution that works for them.

Selecting the right digital receptionist supplier requires careful consideration – the unique needs of your building, the users themselves, usability, security and real-world feedback. Switching to a digital reception is a big change for many buildings and it can take some getting used to. But by keeping these tips in mind and addressing each one as you talk to suppliers, you can ensure that the process is smooth for everyone involved.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about your requirements, please click here.

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