6 Key Considerations to Enhance Visitor Experience

In a recent blog we discussed how customisation can help enhance visitor experience. But this is just one aspect in what is a pivotal factor in shaping perceptions and building lasting relationships with visitors and clients. For facilities managers, creating a positive and seamless experience for visitors is a key part of the role, and in this digital age, overlooking the power of technology hugely restricts the options available to enhance visitor experience. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

First Impressions Matter

This should be obvious and yet is so often ignored! Regardless of building size and use, the reception area is the first point of contact for visitors. A well-lit, clean, and aesthetically pleasing reception is vital, but most importantly, there should be a process to personally welcome all visitors. If the reception area is not staffed throughout the day, a digital receptionist can help cover early or late afternoon hours so that all visitors receive the same welcoming experience regardless of the time of day.

Streamlining Visitor Check-In

Long queues and cumbersome check-in processes can certainly dampen visitor experience. Look at when footfall peaks throughout the day and consider how wait times can be reduced. Digital receptionists can assist during busy times to help ease the pressure on the main reception desk, yet follow the same processes to ensure a smooth and efficient check-in. Most importantly, our digital receptionists still provide the personal touch – visitors will still connect directly with a human (the only difference is our receptionists are remote!)


Ensuring all visitors are checked-in and only allowed access to the areas of the building relevant to their visit is vital in maintaining building security. Having strict protocols in place around visitor management ensures that no-one can access prohibited areas of the building and ensures that in the case of an emergency, all visitors can be accounted for.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Facilities need to be accessible to all, including those with disabilities. Not only are our devices fully equipped with subtitles for those who are hard of hearing, we also supply DDA-compliant devices to assist visitors with impaired mobility. This ensures that everyone can navigate the system effortlessly, regardless of their circumstances.

Feedback & Analytics

There is always room for improvement when it comes to providing exceptional visitor experience. Ensuring your visitor management systems allow you to track footfall, visit duration and even customer feedback, can provide valuable insights that help you focus on visitor preferences and pain points and make data-driven decisions to enhance the experience for future visitors.

Cost Efficiency & Reliability

Front of House operating costs are always rising, so it’s vital to consider the options available to you. A digital receptionist have lower operating costs and as demonstrated in a recent case study can drastically reduce the overall cost of your reception area. Covering lunch periods, holiday and sickness can all add up with a traditional reception service, so it’s always key to have a backup plan or a more reliable solution in place.

Shaping a positive and memorable visitor experience is a crucial aspect of any facility manager’s role. Embracing technology, such as a digital receptionist, can significantly enhance the efficiency, reliability, and overall satisfaction for visitors. By considering these aspects and leveraging innovative solutions, your building can achieve a seamless and welcoming environment that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor who walks through the door.

If you’d like to discuss how a digital receptionist can help shape your building’s visitor experience, please get in touch here.

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