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Digital vs Virtual Receptionists: the advantages of combining technology and the human touch

Building owners, operators and managers of commercial and residential spaces are rightly looking for ways to update their buildings’ technology to make them more visitor friendly. They also seek better efficiency and ways to gather data to optimise building usage. There is no doubt that many choices are now available, but what is the best technology mix to ensure 21st-century functionality, whilst maintaining the human contact that all visitors and building users value?

One option is to use a Virtual Receptionist Service. These systems harness some of the latest technology digitalising and automating processes that used to be carried out by an in-person receptionist. However, these systems lack emotional intelligence, agility and often put too much emphasis on visitors being familiar with the system and answering questions they may not know the answers to. A complicated and unsatisfactory experience leaves the visitor in doubt as to whether the owner, operator or tenant really cares enough about their experience. While relevant in the correct setting, and certainly very cost-effective, it is not always the best Front of House solution.

Our Digital Receptionist Service harnesses the latest cutting-edge technology and our own in-house created software complements our fully trained staff members. They deal with visitors and guide their experience remotely via the attractive two-way interface that replaces the in-person experience. Our system delivers the efficiency and cost-saving advantages of the latest technology whilst maintaining the human interaction that visitors and occupiers value.

Everyone has experiences with digital technology that feels cold, clunky and simply not fit for purpose. Technology is only ever as good as how it is implemented. Technology for the sake of technology is never a good idea. Our Digital Receptionist Service has been specifically created to deliver the reception services building owners need today, offering multiple advantages from front of house right through to the back of house.

Digital Receptionist Service: Powerful, Comprehensive

One of the main services that any building owner or operator must provide is security. This is achieved in many ways with the use of controlled entry and exit points and systems like CCTV. Our Digital Receptionist systems integrate fully with these aspects of building security and add the emotional intelligence of a fully trained operator who can control entry and exit for single or multiple sites. Fully trained receptionists can make intelligent and informed decisions about what happens, in line with the building’s operations instructions. They know what action to take quickly and efficiently should there be an incident. This ability to use human intelligence to address issues that can fall outside the scope of an automated decision tree is the core differentiator between Virtual and Digital Receptionist Systems.

First impressions count: the sleek presentation and efficient way our systems work gives people a positive experience. This spills over into how they feel about the building and the companies or services provided within. Mounted in an attractive interactive kiosk, several designs are available to suit any environment. The display has a built-in sensor so interacting with the receptionist can be a completely hands-free experience: so important in our COVID-recovery world. High-quality imaging and audio add to the quality of the experience.

Feedback shows that visitors really love slick technology combined with human interaction. It delivers the impression that operators and owners have really thought about how to create a positive experience. Any visitor or occupier can ask questions of the receptionist at any time. In fact, the system is so welcoming and effective that occupiers are known to prefer using our staff to gain entry, rather than the issued access FOB.

This is not the only type of efficiency delivered by our systems. Being connected to activity in terms of visitor flow allows important data-gathering services to be harnessed. This data can be used to make decisions on how to improve each part of the building’s services for both visitors and occupiers. Using this approach, customers get full receptionist functionality combined with regular data reports providing a holistic picture of how the building is performing in terms of dealing with visitors or other activities such as deliveries.

More efficiency is delivered by our modular approach to system building. We study the exact need of each customer and each building or buildings and create a system that means you only pay for what you need and what you use. Our approach means that larger MDU residential or commercial buildings can reduce operating costs and smaller properties in both sectors can update to new more efficient technology at a low cost.

Whatever the building type or needs of each premises, we work closely with you to build a 21st-century system that fits your needs and chimes closely with what visitors and customers expect. Differentiate yourself from the competition by making sure your buildings are safe, efficient and welcoming.

Download a checklist to guide you when choosing technology which will futureproof your building.

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