We talked to a lot of building operators and the frustrations they have with lunch cover comes under two categories:

  1. The service is expensive. In Central London, we have seen operators paying anywhere from £4,500/year up to £9,000/year for the provision of lunch cover
  2. The service is often unreliable. The roaming receptionist supplied by the agency needs to service 2-3 sites every mid-day. Transit times may vary and the titular staff member cannot reliably know when to take their lunch break, which is often imposed on them any time between 11am and as late as 2pm

Our solution is up to 3 times cheaper than the standard provision of a roaming receptionist.

We also work reliably every day, on time, every time. We are not constrained by the vagaries of public transport, industrial action or adverse weather. Our displays simply come online at the agreed time, automatically.