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As we embark on the next exciting stage of our journey, to take the performance and delivery of our Visitor Management System to the next level, we are thrilled to announce we have recently partnered with Blueberry Consultants to provide the best and most effective software solutions.

With 25 years experience, including building systems for two F1 companies, Blueberry can draw on the deep knowledge and experience garnered from being in the industry for so long, whilst staying at the forefront of emerging technologies. They have been a Microsoft Gold Partner for a number of years (this represents the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies) and are currently a technology partner for Amazon Web Services.

Software engineering evolves at an incredible pace, with new technologies and methodologies appearing constantly. Which is why having the right software development team on board is key to the success of Lares Digital. With their vast experience and their unique blend of business expertise and technical know-how, the team at Blueberry have already hit the ground running.

The implementation of a whole host of software updates and improvements has had an immediate impact on the level of service we are able to offer our clients. Already the new software provides a more stable infrastructure, an even faster connection time and a superior quality video feed for our user interface.

From a Facilities Management perspective, where maintaining high standards for occupants and visitors is paramount, new software updates now allow for more granular management. Real time instructions can be given to our integrated digital receptionists at both a company and individual staff/occupier level.

In terms of security, the software has been developed to enable photos to be taken of visitors, offering peace of mind to building owners and managers. And if you are a building manager looking to make a great first impression, we are now able to offer fully customised corporate branding on our digital screens, as and when required.

And that’s not all. Bespoke software that utilises artificial intelligence systems has gradually been making its way into business software. Looking to the future, the team at Blueberry will be working with our new Technology Director, Clive Swan, to integrate AI solutions such as voice recognition to ensure even greater efficiency for our clients and their building occupants/visitors. Watch this space!

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Our state-of-the-art displays combine a variety of appealing designs, so there is a solution available for every environment, with the best in sensor and A/V technology.

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