Global Reach, Cardiff

Global Reach entrance

Global Reach is a multi-tenancy commercial building in Cardiff with no manned reception area. Whilst visitors are minimal, deliveries are made throughout the day. With no secure area for deliveries and poor wayfinding on-site, the building’s occupants are frequently frustrated with parcels going missing or deliveries ending up at the wrong company. In addition, the ANPR car park management company requires all visitors to submit their vehicle registration if they want to avoid an automatic penalty notice.

Ahead of the refurbishment of the dated reception area, the operator, London & Scottish, consulted with us to see if a digital reception service would solve both issues.

We consulted with the building’s occupants to learn from them how best to assist and resolve the issues they were facing. This enabled us to put forward the best possible solution. Given the refurbishment would take time, it was decided that a temporary device would be installed in the interim. By doing this, we would alleviate the current issues faced, as well as gather valuable feedback from both the client and the occupants of the building so we could make any necessary improvements to the solution ahead of the final installation.

From experience, we know that users of our product need to be educated and guided on the functionality. It can also take a few weeks for the process of using a digital service to align with the building’s day-to-day operations. To speed up this process we designed and delivered additional signage to encourage users to interact with the temporary device.

We have also learned over time that when it comes to delivery management, any proposed solution must be convenient for the delivery driver. With tight deadlines to hit on each shift, we needed to ensure the process would be helpful, not a hindrance, whilst also satisfying the requirements of the original brief. We developed a purpose-built software module which enables drivers to enter their registration at a central location in the building; this means they no longer need to locate or interact with the correct staff member who handles deliveries (who may be ill or on annual leave). Overall, the delivery process is more efficient, requires less input from the recipient in the building and eases the workload of the delivery driver – everyone wins!

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The architect was fully on-board with our innovative concept and presented a plan that not only provided a fully integrated solution that made the best use of the available space but has a modern and professional finish. Most importantly, the plan solves the brief in terms of ease of use and increased security for the building. Whilst the work takes place to create the permanent solution, we remain in consultation with the client and users of the temporary device to ensure we continue to add value to their day-to-day interactions within the building.

I’ve known the team at Lares Digital for over a year now and I think they’ve done a fantastic service for Averys Property Management. We manage about 40 buildings and certainly I can see this being rolled out to more blocks that we manage.

Mark Avery, Averys Property Management

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