Prudential Building, Bristol

The Prudential building is a high standing, recently renovated 76,000 ft2 building in the heart of Bristol.

Owned by the Grosvenor Estate, and managed by CBRE, this multi-tenancy commercial building is occupied by modern, tech-savvy tenants, making this building perfect for a first installation for the Grosvenor Estate.

Currently manned 8am to 6pm, the Front-of-House professional is tasked not only with welcoming visitors, but also with regularly assisting with a secondary wheelchair-enabled access, distribution of post and other functions requiring them to roam through the building at unpredictable times.

While some of the existing Front-of-House staff cannot be replaced by our digital reception technology, Lares Digital is able to come into the building in supplement to the staff member, allowing him increase flexibility in the way they deliver their responsibilities to the site and the tenants.

The site survey revealed only one obvious way for Lares Digital to deploy on-site. The traditional, imposing semi-indoor patio area was the logical choice to install a display which would be obvious to visitors, sheltered from the weather and convenient for all.

We installed a free-standing device in the front entrance. The area is secured at night and the device is secured to the premises.

This allows the Lares Digital staff to interact neatly with visitors – the device location is inviting and attracts natural curiosity, making interaction with us simple and intuitive.

The implementation on-site was eminently simple. Blessed with good internet connectivity to site already, and the industry-leading Net2Access solution, we were able to go-live on-site with no more prep-work than a simple software upgrade on-site to ensure compatibility. Our staff is given access to the main door to let visitors in, after they have been announced to, and vetted by, the tenants who have been wonderfully welcoming of our solution.

The site went live in April 2024.

I’ve known the team at Lares Digital for over a year now and I think they’ve done a fantastic service for Averys Property Management. We manage about 40 buildings and certainly I can see this being rolled out to more blocks that we manage.

Mark Avery, Averys Property Management

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