The PropTech trends in 2024

2024 looks to be one of the most transformative years yet when it comes to the developments within the proptech industry. With an abundance of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions coming to the forefront, the impact this could have on facilities management is industry changing. We’ve pulled together what we consider to be the 5 trends you’re likely to hear more about over the coming 12 months, and how we can help you deploy them successfully.

Smart Buildings and IoT Integration

As a provider within this area, we’re obviously pleased to say that smart buildings are here to stay. 2024 is looking like the year where even more buildings come online with improved building management, energy efficiency and enhanced security, all enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) integration. On that particular front Lares is delighted to announce its partnership with Hublok, the industry leader in smart locker technology.

Enhanced Security Measures

Facial recognition and biometric authentication are fast becoming integral components of facilities management. These advance security features ensure secure access to facilities and contribute to a safer environment.

Sustainable and Green Technologies

Sustainability will remain a focus across many sectors, not least facilities management. Proptech solutions will be looking at how they can support this drive, offering up green building technologies and certifications to align with the global push for environmentally conscious practices.

Data Analytics for Decision-Making

Data-driven decision-making is becoming a cornerstone of successful facilities management. Advanced analytic tools will play a crucial role in predicting building usage, wayfinding, and energy optimisation, as well as top-level decision-making such as property value trends and investment opportunities.

At Lares Digital, we’re aware that these trends can sound overwhelming and that trying to compete with your competitors within all these areas can feel slightly out of reach. Transitioning to a digital reception, however, can be the first step in making these trends work for your building, visitors and employees.

 Sustainable Solution

By using a digital reception, you can ensure that any hybrid working policies can be extended to your front of house. This will not only contribute to employee morale but will help reduce their carbon footprint by limiting how many times they need to commute into work. As a company, we fully support the sustainable and green technology developments in the industry and are always looking for more ways to include these in our own solutions.

Integration with Smart Building Systems

Our digital reception software can seamlessly integrate with your existing smart building systems, such as access control. This contributes directly to the enhanced functionality of your reception area, once again streamlining the experience for all parties.

Data, Data, Data

Using a digital receptionist offers you a far greater insight into visitor patterns and behaviours. We offer a monthly dashboard showing visitor flow peaks and volumes of deliveries managed. This allows you to use data to revamp your building to keep up with current or predicted demand in the future.


By linking up to your access control system, using a digital reception service takes you one step further towards enhanced security. We can even make sure that lift access is only granted once credentials have been approved and ensure that the visitor’s host is contacted so that no-one is in your building unauthorised or unsupervised.

Embracing digital receptionists as a central component of the operational strategy of your building should be a high priority in 2024. By seamlessly integrating our technology, you can not only stay ahead of the industry trends, but also provide a more efficient and secure experience for both visitors and occupants alike. As we move forward, it’s clear that digital receptionists are not just a step but a significant leap towards the next era of intelligent and interconnected facilities management.

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