Smart Receptions and Smart Lockers

In today’s world, we all expect fast and convenient deliveries. Many of us receive parcels weekly or even daily – and not just at home. Over the last few years, lockers have popped up to add even more convenience to parcel delivery – at train stations, local shopping parades and high-traffic areas such as gyms. However, they are of little use to office and large residential buildings where there is reliance on a receptionist or concierge to be on hand to take delivery of items – and yet that may not always be the case.

The unpredictability and lack of information on the size and nature of deliveries can cause complications for both the recipient and the delivery driver. A delivery may fall outside of the FoH staff’s working hours. Even if the delivery takes place when staff are present, they may not be available to accept the delivery straightaway which in turn has a knock-on effect on the delivery driver’s schedule.

A solution to all these problems lies in embracing and integrating both a digital reception service and smart locker technology. By combining the two, both the recipient and delivery driver benefit, as well as easing the pressure on FoH staff.

A digital receptionist can interact directly with the smart locker system to allocate a suitable locker for the delivery. This streamlines the delivery process, ensuring that items are securely placed in the designated lockers.

The integration with a building’s security system further strengthens the system. The entire process, from the moment the delivery driver enters the building to the placement of items in the locker is logged and recorded. This not only enhances security but also provides a clear record of the delivery process, reducing the likelihood of misplaced deliveries in the reception area or a storage room. Moreover, these additional security measures instil confidence for both the recipients and delivery drivers, providing a sense of trust in the overall system.

Another significant advantage of this integrated system is the real-time communication it provides. Recipients are promptly notified by the digital receptionist when a delivery is made – this proactive communication not only adds to the convenience for the recipient but also reduces the chances of packages being left unattended. The smart locker technology also keeps track of locker availability, indicating which lockers are in use or full. This means the digital receptionist can default to an alternative secure location if all the lockers are taken, ensuring that deliveries continue to be smooth and seamless for all involved.

However, the best feature of this technology is that unlike traditional smart lockers where a locker is allocated per parcel, if more than one delivery arrives throughout the day for the same recipient, the same locker can be opened, and new deliveries placed together. With the security features already highlighted above, the existing deliveries are protected and the overall experience for the recipient is much smoother as they only have to collect their parcels from one locker when they are ready.

The collaboration between digital reception services and smart locker technology represents a hugely transformative solution to the challenges posed by the range of deliveries to residential and office environments. Not only does it optimise the delivery process for recipients and delivery drivers, but it also enhances the security and communication through advanced tracking, notification systems and customisable solutions. Integrated solutions such as this are fast becoming the norm, so it’s vital to embrace them and pave the way for greater efficiency and convenience.

You can read more about our collaboration with Hublok, a leading smart locker provider, here. If you’d like to find out more about how this solution can work for your building, please get in touch.

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