Switching to digital FoH? Here is a checklist.

Is your site ready to switch to a Digital Reception service?

While traditional in-person receptionists are a staple in large buildings with high footfall, the case for smaller buildings to look for an alternative solution is growing. With higher than ever energy costs and the need to balance the increasingly complex equation of service charge vs service delivery, a digital reception service is often an attractive solution to both issues. Over recent months, we have talked a lot about the benefits of a digital reception service, but it would be remiss of us not to discuss the elephant in the room: how complicated is the switch and how ready is your building to move into the 21st century?

For ease, we have created a short checklist to help you assess your building’s readiness but there are few key points that we know from experience are worth discussing further.


Moving to a digital receptionist solution is an excellent opportunity to review your site’s current security measures and take steps to make it more robust if necessary. Take the time to assess your access control systems, including access to areas that may not be part of leased spaces.

Tenant Engagement

Sometimes the decision to implement a digital receptionist service stems from cost-cutting measures driven by pressure from tenants. Whilst it is important not to be seen to reduce service levels, a digital reception service certainly offers an easy and quick win for all involved. However, effective communication with tenants is vital. We are always happy to participate in town-hall meetings to explain the strengths of our solution and ensure that your occupants make the most of our service.

CapEx vs Service Charge Allocation

One of the main advantages of a digital reception service is the potential cost savings compared to a manned service. In most cases, the investment required for installation and operation can be recouped within the first year or even sooner. However, there may be CapEx considerations that fall outside of your budget. In such instances, we offer a financing option which can help balance the CapEx requirements and minimise the impact on your service charge.

Time and Project Management

Undertaking any new project can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for facilities managers with already packed schedules. The preparation work required for the installation of a digital receptionist system is certainly no exception! To help ease the burden, we offer a free project management service, ensuring a turnkey solution that stays within your budget.

By carefully considering all these factors and using our checklist you can be clear on the implications of switching to a digital reception service and ensure a seamless transition for your building. With site surveys and project management services all part of our standard offering, we are here to support you every step of the way as you unlock the potential of a modern and cost-effective receptionist solution for your building.

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